Things To Know Before You Jailbreak Your iOS Device


Want to jailbreak your iOS device? Or, you want to know about the process of jailbreaking? Well, you have landed on the right guide!

If you are new to jailbreaking, then we would recommend scanning the whole page to understand the jailbreaking concept. Moreover, introduce yourself to the world of what significant things you must be aware of before you make your mind to jailbreak your ios device.

Before coming to any explanation, let’s understand what jailbreaking is?

You can define jailbreaking as the removal of limitations in an iOS device. It allows root access to your file system of iOS. By doing this, it can run unsigned software or code that hasn’t been authorized by Apple.

Furthermore, it allows every user to install apps of jailbreak, along with jailbreak themes and tweaks for customizing the feel and appearance of their device. Also, the cherry on the top will be it will advance the functionality.

Now, Scan The Essential Things To Look Before Jailbreaking

1. You Must Back Up Your Device

When you decide to jailbreak your iOS device, the first thing to consider is to take a backup. For backing up your iOS device, the process can be a wireless one taking the help of iTunes and iCloud that must automatically back up your iPhone every time, and then you want to plug it in.

In addition to this, if you are running version 10.15 macOS Catalina, you have the option to take the backup of your iOS device directly to your Mac with the help of a Finder. Make sure you have a backup of the iPhone before you start the jailbreak process to successfully store all your movies, apps, music, and all other essential things in between on your desktop or in the cloud.

In this way, once your jailbreak process reaches the finishing line, you can finally restore everything and will get everything back. Just remember to sync your iPhone. To run sync in iTunes, it will help in backing up your iPhone by default.

Here Are Some Crucial Tips Regarding Back Up Of Your Device

Tip 1: Rather than backing up iOS devices such as iPad/iPhone/iPod with the help of iTunes, an individual can even have the option of using a third-party app such as iOS Data Manager. Such an alternative will give you flexibility in backing up your iPhone. Also, it enables an individual to gather an entire backup of your iPhone or selective data.

Tip 2: If you find your messages, pictures, and contacts or other essential data getting lost after the jailbreak process, then you can further use the iPhone Data Recovery software -UltData for getting back your lost files.

2. Choose Right Software And Security

There are abundant solutions on how to jailbreak your phone using the right or new software for your iPhone. The process might look simpler to you, nevertheless every model, and every now and then a particular serial number range requires the right jailbreak software specifically designed for that device.

It is essential to follow this rule before you start because wrong jailbreak software for your iPhone can disable it permanently.

Security Tip: Ensure to change your password after jailbreaking your device. For this,

  • On your iOS device, fire up Cydia.
  • Search for the application that you know as Mobile Terminal and then install it.
  • Open that Mobile Terminal. Next, type “passwd” (without quotes)
  • Further, you will have a pop up for the old password.
  • Now, come to the Return key and then you will be asked to enter a new password.

For extra security, you can even install utilities including SBSettings or BossPrefs & can turn off SSH.

3. Support And Warranty

Warranty is something that one must consider very carefully before you jailbreak your iOS device. Remember, Apple Store employees will not likely to help you out if you fall into any problem with your device. Therefore, be careful about your decision on how to deal with the warranty.

Important Tip: There is a solution to every problem! In the case of warranty, restore your iOS device to factory settings. Next, you can label “New iPhone” and can have this kind of set up. This process will remove all the history of your jailbreak and protect Apple from identifying that your device had been jailbroken.

On the other hand, talking about support is another factor that affects the use of your device. When there are iOS updates, your iOS device will have a continuous interruption if there is an update. Now, you have to wait for the notification of a jailbreak update, that can take weeks.

Also, the SUPPORT Document of Apple regarding jailbreaking rule declares that they may hold the power to decline the service for your iPod, iPad, or iPhone that has the installation of any software that is unauthorized! Hence any person who has a warranty or not, jailbroken, may or may not have the facility of getting the support from Apple.

The Bottom Line

Finally, yet importantly, the choice is ultimately yours before you jailbreak your iPhone.

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